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Med-Fit ® Pro Homecare Therapeutic Portable 3MHz Home Ultrasound Machine-Pulsed And Continuous Output


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Med-Fit®1 Rechargeable Professional Therapeutic Portable Ultrasound. High quality therapeutic ultrasound delivers the same output as used by physiotherapists and healthcare professional in sports therapy. Brilliant reliable product with lots of interesting functions at an affordable price.

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Product Description



    • 3 MHz Ultrasound with Pulsed and Continuous Output
    • Rechargeable ultrasound either in a docking station or via a mains adaptor or USB cable to your computer
    • High quality therapeutic ultrasound delivers the same output as used by physiotherapists and healthcare professional in sports therapy
    • Very simple and easy to use
    • Top quality polished stainless steel transducer head delivers exceptional smooth ultrasound transmissions for the best results in ultrasound therapy treatments.
    • 30 Treatments from one single charge
    • Relive Pain
    • Helps reduce inflammation fast
    • Ideal for reducing scar tissue
    • Sports injuries - Neck & shoulder pains, ankle injuries, groin injuries hamstring strains and much more
    • Sciatica pain, arthritis pains and joint pain
    • Cellulite reduction
    • Rechargeable

    Comes Complete with:
    1 x Ultrasound unit
    1 x Charging Station
    1 x Mains adaptor
    1 x Ultrasound Manual / User Guide
    1 x 250ml Ultrasound Gel
    1 x Professional Carry Case

    The Med-Fit Pro ultrasound therapy machine is hand held & lightweight, giving you all the benefits of therapeutic ultrasound without inconvenient of appointments. Save time & treat in the comfort of your own home. The Med-Fit Pro device uses ultra sound waves to speed healing & provide localized pain relief.

    • 3Mhz ultrasound - forget large ultrasound machines only available in clinics Med-Fit Pro unit emits therapeutic ultrasound in pulses at 3 power settings (low, med & high)
    • Targeted pain relief - treat injury or tissue with 3 Mhz ultrasound at the source of your pain for effective therapy up to 2.5cm deep.
    • Speed healing - ultrasound is used by physiotherapist in physical therapy to treat pain, spasms & inflammation. Ultrasound promotes tissue heating & blood flow to speed the recovery process & injury rehab.
    • Convenient & easy - the portable Med-Fit Pro ultrasound therapy machine makes treating easy, comfortable & convenient, increasing the consistency & frequency of your ultrasound treatments.
    • FDA & CE Mark approved - the US1000 has been cleared by the FDA, received Europe's CE mark & maintains proper technical specifications for therapeutic ultrasound machines.

    What Is It?
    The Med-Fit Pro device is a portable, therapeutic ultrasound massager that produces deep heat (you don't even feel) in your tissues and muscles, through its special trandsducer sound head.

    Ultrasound has a long history of therapeutic use by physical therapists, chiropractors & sport medicine professionals. And the safety & effectiveness of ultrasound as a pain relief modality has been scientifically established. Now, technological advances have made available ultrasound machines for home use.

Additional Information

    Additional Information

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Product's Review
    1. Delighted Review by Neil jones

      Excellent machine, good value for money

    2. ultra sound treatment at home ~ very efficient and cost effective Review by SPT

      Very effective and easy to use, had swollen / painful knee problems for weeks and after a few days use improvements were very noticeable. The cost is the same as 2 physio sessions so cost quickly covered.

    3. Ultrasound home therapy Review by Dusty

      This is a great device, comes in a neat carry case with everything one needs! I have used it about 6 times so far on the same charge and it is working to reduce the puffy scar tissue around my ankles, which I have sprained too many times to count! Why spend £35 per visit for a physiotherapist to do what you can do at home! So easy to use, just remember to use the contact gel, keep it in contact with your skin at all times and keep it moving around the treatment area! Comes with very clear instructions.

    4. Five Stars Review by Mrs T.

      Seems like a quality bit of kit and working well so far!

    5. recommended it to a friend. Review by Anne Armitage

      I haven't used it long enough to see results yet but I'm very happy with the quality of the unit and the instructions for use.
      I have already recommended it to a friend.

    6. Bought for scar tissue reduction Review by B Ballagher

      Bought the 3MHz model to try to reduce the scar tissue around a torn achilles repair. The wireless nature of the unit means I can take it to work and use it away from mains electricity. The tech spec meets my needs of shallow pulsed modes and a constant mode for deeper penetration. ill add to the review after a few months of self treatments to add if it was successful and stands up to twice daily use.

    7. I like that the unit doesn't get hot Review by beryl davies

      I purchased this product with the hope it would help with joint pain. It is early days, however, I do experience a difference when used on my knees. The stiffness lessens immediately. I like that the unit doesn't get hot. There is no sensation to the skin whilst using the unit, so there's no concern of burns. the sessions are timed at 10 minutes then the unit switches off. A very good buy.

    8. So glad my husband bought it for me. Great little machine. Review by Chrissy

      Hi, My husband purchased this for me on the 'say so' of his physio, as I tore a 3" hole in my calf muscle. hubby swears by ultrasound that his physio does for him, so OK I said I'll try it. I use it for 10 minutes a day, it stays cool, no side effects except beneficial ones. I had a scan today (2 weeks later) and (although I'm on drugs which should slow my healing, as I have an autoimmune disease) the tear has gone from a 3" black hole, to a 2" tear with the internal strands healing within. So I reckon this is a great product and 2 x £43 physio appointments not needed has paid for it!

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