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What is a Home Ultrasound Machine?

Therapeutic Home Ultrasound Machines are portable handheld ultrasounds that produce deep heat (which you do not feel) in the tissues, muscles and joints, through a 1MHz or 3MHz transducer. The Med-Fit Pro homecare ultrasound is available in both frequencies. The 1MHz can penetrate to a maximum depth of 7cm whereas the 3MHz has a maximum depth of 2.5cm.

How Does Ultrasound Work?

Ultrasound is applied to the body using the ultrasound applicator, an ultrasound gel or couplant is used to transmit the ultrasound waves into the surrounding tissues. The vibration or cavitation will be absorbed deep within these tissues and muscle structures, when using the 1MHz ultrasound, whereas the 3MHz will be absorbed at a more superficial level.

What can Ultrasound Therapy be used for?

Ultrasound therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions and injuries which include:-

Sciatic nerve pain relief
Arthuritis pain relief
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Lower back pain
Knee pain
Ankle pain
Hand pain
Chronic pain
Joint pain reliefå
Nerve pain
Muscle pain relief
Muscle strains
Impingement nerve pain
Frozen shoulder
Plus many more

What will I feel when using my Ultrasound?

When using your Ultrasound machine, you should feel no sensation. As the Ultrasound waves pass readily into the tissues and surrounding structures creating a micro-massage effect, if the green light on your Ultrasound is on please rest assured the Ultrasound is performing correctly.

1MHz or 3MHz Ultrasound which is best for me?

Choosing which Ultrasound to buy will depend on the condition being treated. The 1MHz Ultrasound has the greatest depth of penetration (7cm) and is best used for both acute and chronic conditions, muscle and tendon injuries, muscle nerve pain, arthritis and joint pain. In general, all conditions previously listed with the exception of superficial and skin conditions. 3MHz Ultrasound has a maximum depth of penetration (2.5cm) and is used on superficial injuries tendons and beauty therapy treatments as it can improve skin elasticity.

How often and how many daily treatments should I apply?

Treatment times should be no more than 10 minutes on any one area and a maximum of two sessions each day.

How does a home Ultrasound machine compare to the one used by my Physiotherapist?

Home Ultrasound Therapy using portable Ultrasound machines can be very effective, just as effective as a Physio’s professional Ultrasound device.

The difference between a Physiotherapist Ultrasound machine and a home Uultrasound machine is the Physio’s ultrasound device can be used at higher intensity levels, this makes the home units safe for the general public, as high dosage can be dangerous if used in the wrong hands.

When using a home Ultrasound machine, you will treat more frequently than if you have ultrasound treatments at a clinic, but the results will be the same and in the long run, you will save money by doing treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Med-Fit ® Pro Homecare Therapeutic Portable 1MHz Home Ultrasound Machine-Pulsed And Continuous Output
Med-Fit ® Pro Homecare Therapeutic Portable 3MHz Home Ultrasound Machine-Pulsed And Continuous Output
Med-Fit ® Pro Homecare Therapeutic Portable 1 & 3MHz Home Ultrasound Machine-Pulsed And Continuous Output