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Maternity TENS

The Mums to Be Maternity TENS and muscle stimulator is a fully digital battery operated pulse generator that sends electrical impulses to the nerves and underlying muscle groups. This unit is a combination stimulator of TENS and EMS which can be used for pain relief and muscle stimulation.

The Mums to Be Maternity TENS uses two medically researched programmes (P1) for the early stages of your labour. Programme (P2) can be used as the contractions become more frequent. This programme offers added boost as the contractions increase in intensity and frequency. With the on-set of a contraction, simply press the boost button on the right hand side of the TENS. This will automatically boost the power by 20% and increase the frequency, giving a constant tingling sensation. Once the contraction has passed, simply switch the boost button back to its off position. The TENS will return to the original burst settings.