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TENS Machines

The Med-Fit Range of Dual Channel TENS Machines, have been the market leaders for more than 15 years due to there quality, reliability and ease of use. All our TENS Machines are now covered by the unique lifetime warranty (unit only). The No1 Selling TENS to the NHS, Pain Clinics and Physiotherapy Departments.

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Buy Tens Machine from UK's #1 Tens Company

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine is an alternative to painkillers for many. This portable, battery-operated device is worn on the body, especially on the painful part and is attached by wires to sticky pads resting directly on the skin. Electrical pulses are transmitted to the body that helps ease the pain in patients experiencing the pain of some sort. The advantages of the machines are well recorded and hence known to be without side-effects.

The effectiveness of TENS machines though is inconclusive. However, since TENS machines have proved to offer pain relief and relieve physical stress they are widely used.

Using Tens Machine effectively

TENS machine should be used only on doctor’s advice and are not suitable for alleviating all types of pain conditions. The user controls the unit and one can adjust settings without the need of a medical professional. The machine is used for 15-20 minutes per session and can be used multiple times during the day.

Patients with musculoskeletal pain, especially back pain or knee joint arthritis relies on Tens machine. Even pregnant women with early days of labor can use the Tens unit. Patients suffering from a migraine, period pains, injuries and even tiredness, insomnia etc.

TENS machines can be used just for pain relief when used with other treatments. It can help in reducing painkilling medicines although one might have to find settings to your liking.

Five Tens machine Unit Placement Tips

  1. Identify the body part where the pain is located.  Outline tender area of the pain.

  2. Use two pads or four pads at the same time depending on TENS unit type.

  3. Alter the electrical flow by changing the distance between electrode pads and direction.

  4. The pads can be placed vertically, horizontally and at an angle

  5. The pads should never touch each other and are placed 1-inch apart. The increase in distance between two pads decreases the effectiveness of the machine.

Advantages of Tens Machines

  1. You increase chances of reducing chronic pain

A TENS unit can stimulate nerves and distract the pain centers just around the source from feeling reduced pain.

  1. You can reduce striking pain that crops up from time to time:

If your pain strikes from time to time then a TENS unit treatment can work well for allaying the pain consistently

  1. You can increase stress management skills by not focusing on pain

By focusing on the pain, one feels a huge amount of stress, more than the reality. By reducing the pain, one can take advantage of stress management skills and then the feeling of chronic pain disappears

  1. You develop better sleep pattern

Constant pain can reduce the hours of sleep every night. TENS units can help in decreasing pain and then increase the hours of sleep as well as its quality, helping you to feel more relaxed.

  1. You feel less fatigued with not much energy expended on pain

Fatigue is a routine part of life but by focusing energy on pain, one eventually feels more fatigued than an average person. Stimulating the pain and nerves by using the TENS unit, one can reduce the level of fatigue too.