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Muscle Stimulators

Tens Machine Uk we stock a large range of Muscle Stimulator. We have been the market leaders for more than 15 years due to there quality, reliability and ease of use.

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Muscle Stimulators

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also referred to as electro-muscular stimulation, elicits muscle contraction with the help of electric impulses. EMS can be used as a strength training tool for athletes and also for rehabilitation and a testing tool for neural/ muscular function evaluation. The impulses are generated and delivered through electrodes on the skin near the muscles. These are pads that adhere to the skin and also mimic action potential from central nervous system, causing all the muscles to contract. EMS has been used as a complementary tool for sports training, and is regulated in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Europe all Muscle Stimulators should hold a CE marking as it is classed as a medical device.

Use of Muscle Stimulators

Muscle stimulators are used for re-training muscles that are not contracting smoothly. Though the devices are used for varied purposes, it is used for people who have suffered from strokes or bone surgeries. Many times they have trouble moving specific muscles or joints. Electrical impulses from the stimulators can be sent to the muscle tissue under appropriate settings to let the muscles contract. Also, the stimulators help in enhancing the muscles that are sagging down, especially of athletes who need their bodies toned in good shape for better performance. The brain can then re- learn to contract muscles on its own.

The Best Muscle Stimulator Unit Placement Tips

  • Large muscle groups especially quadriceps and abdominals, require some high-intensity impulses that lead to muscle contraction with large pads that spread out electrical current.
  • Smaller muscle groups including the calf muscles activate with lower intensity impulses with smaller pads.
  • Two pads will do the trick for each muscle group, positive and negative, spaced 1-2 inches apart from each other and ample skin contact.
  • For crunch time, use larger pads and place them vertically along the abdominals, with the belly button is between the pads. Turn on the EMS device for 10 seconds and off for 50 seconds alternatively. Perform situps when it is on and then rest for the other period.
  • Place two large pads over quadriceps muscle, on your thigh horizontally closer to the hip and the lower pad closer to the knee. Sit in a high-back chair, for lumbar support, and turn up the EMS until you see a muscle contraction. Again set the EMS device to turn on for 10 seconds and off for 50 seconds. When the device turns on, kick your leg up and hold it for the full 10 seconds; then rest for 50.
  • Place two small pads onto the calf muscles about one inch apart from belly muscles. Set the device on for 10 seconds and 50 seconds off, rising on toes with heels when the machine is on.

Advantages of Muscle Stimulators

  1. It prevents muscle atrophy

    When muscles are sore, the individual will limit the motion of the affected part, to muscle atrophy in the long run. Direct injury can also lead to atrophy owing to reduced functioning of that part. The electrical impulses of the EMS, on the other hand, stimulate the muscles and help them contract efficiently thus improving muscle tone and strength.

  2. It offers quick muscle recovery

    For athletes suffering from tissue injuries, the muscle stimulation therapy can help them in tissue healing quicker than physical therapy. The muscles can regain mass, tone and functioning faster thus aiding the rehabilitation efforts.

  3. It improves motion range

    Individuals who are suffering from a reduced range of motion, especially of joints, can benefit this therapy. The electrical impulses can ease out tensed muscles and tendons and make joints flexible. The quick blood flow helps joints to relieve inflammation and tissue healing.

  4. It offers fast stress relief

    Electric stimulation therapy can be used for quick comfort and stress reduction. The EMS improves blood circulation and gives similar effects as a deep tissue massage.

  5. It generates muscle energy

    Aside from the effects on soft tissues, electric muscle stimulation can generate available energy for the muscle recovery and effective healing. They stimulate the mitochondria to generate energy to manage tissue injuries.

  6. Pre-Workout Warm-up

    Muscle Stimulation boosts the temperature of your muscles and drives blood flow to those muscles. Instead of depending on the normal regime of the warm-up time, one can do the same in minutes.

  7. Improved athletic performance

    The EMS can help in improving athletic performance with quick muscle contractions and enhanced blood flow to get to the muscles in the body. This nourishes the muscles effectively with quick healing and recovery.

  8. Enhances Strength

    Electrical muscle stimulation allows athletes especially to prioritize the muscle groups based on the participating sport. It boosts power output to build strength and helps them achieve gains faster without injury risks.

  9. Reach goals faster

    Athletes need to prepare for upcoming seasons. Electrical muscle stimulation helps them meet goals faster, maintain faster paces without any muscle fatigue. One can recover quickly too for training. Rapid contractions drive blood out of capillary beds, along with unwanted waste.

  10. Massage effects

    Finally, EMS offers the same benefits of a massage, promoting endorphin production in the body, with low fatigue and better blood flow to muscles. The machine allows professional massage benefits at a fraction of the cost.