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Cold compression cuff for speedy recovery from ankle injuries

Most people, particularly sportsmen and women, are likely to suffer a musculoskeletal injury at some point in their life and the pain and discomfort can often be debilitating.

However, there are ways to reduce pain and help to speed up the healing process and that latest addition to the Med-Fit range from the TENS+ Company offers effective treatment for one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries.

New to the market, the Med-Fit Cold Compression Ankle Cuff combines two of the most effective healing therapies, cold and compression, in one affordable package.

The benefits of this system are numerous and include the active compression provided by the ankle cuff to help the body remove oedema from the injury site whilst stimulating blood flow and oxygen delivery to speed healing.

Meanwhile the removable inner gel pack effectively removes heat and cools the soft tissue, therefore reducing pain, muscle spasms and oedema, reducing the need for pain killing drugs.

Offering fast effective rehabilitation from ankle injuries the Med-Fit - Cold Compression Ankle Cuff has a unique one size fits all design giving all round compression and support thanks to washable neoprene support and a reusable and mouldable gel pack. The removable inner gel pack is also fridge and freezer safe.

The state-of-the art design also provides simple and fast controllable inflation for pain relief and to help reduce swelling.

Paul Warburton, Marketing Director at the TENS+ Company commented: “The addition of the Med-Fit Cold Compression Ankle Cuff to the Med-Fit range reflects our commitment to providing drug-free pain relief and improved recovery for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.

“Similar cuffs are already available for shoulder and knee and, like the Med-Fit Cold Compression Ankle Cuff, they are all easy to use and have been medically approved.”

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